Other Strategic IP Services

The VP of Innovation at this multi-national consumer hardware company engaged us to assist in developing and executing an IP Strategy. The organization maintained in-house and outside IP counsel, however, this senior manager did not hold expertise regarding how to appropriately protect his company's expensive new innovation efforts that would be disruptive to his competitors. This skills gap left his company open to a risk that the revenue streams projected from the new innovations would not be realized. He also often felt his lawyers privileged legal risk over risk over necessary business risk, which meant that his innovation efforts could be restricted unnecessarily at times. He hired us to educate him in IP Strategy, as well as to assist him in developing broad protection of new innovations. After working with us on several projects, this client established an IP Strategy group inside of his organization that reported into the C-level.
The Chief IP Counsel of this global innovator engaged us to assist in documenting his company's IP Strategy for upper management. While this senior IP counsel and his team had developed and executed on a sophisticated IP Strategy, he needed our assistance in creating documentation that supported his teams' efforts, as well as to prepare a year-end presentation to the company's C-suite. We worked over an extended project to capture the IP counsel's strategic efforts in white paper form, which was well-received by company management. The client indicated that our ability to translate complex IP concepts into straight-forward business terms was critical to allowing him to clearly articulate the company's IP Strategy so that upper management could integrate that strategy into overall business strategy and allow them to better understand the competitive risks faced by the company in an increasingly competitive global market.
An entrepreneur engaged us to assist monetizing a patent portfolio acquired from a bankrupt startup. The portfolio was brought to us after another broker failed to generate any market interest. Notably, when we began working with this client, the technology covered by the 8 patents was not yet included in any product. However, there was no question that the patented technology would soon become an integral part of cloud storage implementations just then entering the market. In order to demonstrate the future viability of the portfolio to companies seeking to own patent rights in the then-emerging technology space, we worked with the entrepreneur to develop a business framework for monetization. This entailed reviewing the portfolio to assess the scope and strength of protection and creating a marketing package to present to our broker network. The portfolio sold for $1 million to a patent acquisition company.