Case Study: Funded Startup Company

A startup CEO engaged us to work with his team to define broad patent protection for the company’s disruptive technology that solved a long-unmet need in the construction industry. This serial entrepreneur understood that his startup company’s ability to achieve a strong exit would depend on whether his patent rights “made it cheaper to go through them than around them.”

The rapidly developing nature of the underlying technology made this project particularly challenging, but also revealed that, if properly executed, broad patents would be available to this startup.

The CEO and CTO of this startup company worked closely with us as they conducted customer discovery to ensure that the resulting patent application broadly covered the value provided to consumers by the promising new technology.

We have also served as strategic in-house counsel for this company since its founding, where we have prepared additional strategic patent filings, selected and managed outside patent counsel, and acted as the go-to for advice involving business issues potentially affecting the startup’s IP.

Our Goal is to Make it Cheaper to Go Through You Than Around You.
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