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The First Step to Generating Revenue from “Patent Monetization” is Understanding What the Term Means

Smart corporate leaders continually seek new methods to capture firm asset value and improve cash flow. And, with estimates of more than 70 % of corporate value being in the form of intangible assets, it is not surprising that many organization are searching for ways to generate revenue from this all-to-often untapped asset class. IP monetization has therefore become an increasing focus of corporate managers and even seems to be an emerging "business model du jour" for innovative corporate managers. Moreover, since patents comprise the most "tangible" form of intangible assets at most companies, many corporate leaders view patent monetization as "low hanging fruit" in the search for additional methods to generate cash income. Indisputably, there is much money to be made from patent monetization. However, in counseling business professionals as an IP Business Strategist (more info here: The Hutter Group), I frequently find that many otherwise sophisticated high-level