Our Difference

We apply our decades of experience in IP and business to identify the right IP strategy for your company. We don’t just dive into the technical aspects of your innovative product or technology to generate a patent application for you. Instead, we start with understanding your customers and how your competitors will react to your success.

Our goal is to make it cheaper for someone who desires access to your innovation and customers to go through you than around you.

As IP Strategy consultants, we make our living helping you attain your business goals by providing IP solutions that allow you to achieve your desired revenue or exit. Only then do we start down the patent path.

In short, we won’t tell you to spend money on IP just because you can, but because you should.

Here are a few services we provide for our clients:

IP Strategy Consulting

We work with companies to align IP Strategy with desired innovation outcomes.  

Chief/Senior In-House IP Counsel on a Part Time Basis

Patent Application Drafting Prosecution/Outside Counsel Management IP and Business Agreements

IP Portfolio Evaluation and Management

We assist clients in an evaluation of existing patent portfolios for alignment with business strategies.

IP Valuation Services

Learn the true worth of your IP and IP landscape.

Hear What Our Clients Say

“I have worked with lots of attorneys over the years, and Jackie’s practice model is unique. I always feel she is on my team when working with her, and that she is looking at risks that are real for my business, not risks that are so remote that they are largely irrelevant to my company today. Her advice is practical and pragmatic. If IP is important to your company’s future, you need Jackie on your team.”

CEO of Funded Startup Technology Company

“I’ve seen Jackie’s work firsthand with Atlanta startups and it’s first rate. Anyone interested in IP should also check out her blog. She has been a joy to watch on her journey with her current company. She is going well beyond simply being a legal adviser, but a comprehensive business adviser as well. I have seen tangible results in those companies and she’s a true friend of the entrepreneur.”

IP Valuation Professional and Former VC

“I cannot recommend Jackie enough. Her insights on our patents and trademarks helped us structure the sale of our business. Without her we literally might not have been able to make the sale happen.”

CEO of Health Monitoring Hardware Company

“I have been following Jackie through her blog www.ipAssetmaximizerBlog.com for a while now. Since we are both located in the Atlanta area, I reached out to her to personally commend her for her efforts and let her know that she was not alone in her views on intellectual property. I wanted her to know that I and others found her blog posts extremely valuable. Since meeting Jackie I can say that she has demonstrated a high degree of expertise in the burgeoning field of patent strategy. Her posts are clear, provoke a great deal of thought, and often are immediately actionable. From what I have learned of Jackie, she is willingly to share her knowledge and respond to questions thoroughly. Her style is open and invites both questions and ample dialog. Jackie is extremely enthusiastic about her work and teaching othe worth leveraging. Jackie’s ability to transform complex patent data into business-relevant and actionable insights is unparalleled.”

Assistant General Counsel and Chief IP Counsel for Lottery Gaming Company

“Jackie shifted our thinking of patents and IP from the abstract to something tangible and worth leveraging. She also taught us about viewing intellectual property not as a necessary evil, but as a vast untapped resource of future business value. I certainly would recommend Jackie to anyone who is interested in strategically aligning their intellectual property portfolio with their company’s business goals.”

Senior Manager of Innovation at Large Consumer Products Company

“Jackie brings a rare combination of an excellent Patent and Intellectual Property Attorney and a keen Business Sense. She is skilled at integrating intellectual property to become a critical part of a business strategy, contributing to future revenue growth and protecting the company’s intellectual capital from a broader perspective. In addition, I found that Jackie’s strong scientific background allows her to understand various complex technologies with ease. She has helped me numerous times at Georgia Pacific in determining best course of action for our patent strategy within the company. I strongly recommend Jackie if you are interested in determining how to make intellectual capital work more for your business and create value beyond patent protection.”

VP of Innovation at Global Food Products Company

“Jackie and I worked together at a respected IP Law Firm for almost ten years. I also worked with her subsequently in her position as in-house counsel. I have learned a great deal from Jackie over the years. Jackie has long been a very smart patent lawyer but also thinks more strategically than most patent attorneys in terms of IP as a business asset. Jackie is an innovative thinker. She has taught me about IP asset management from the perspective of a business person and has introduced me to patent analytics. Her excitement and enthusiasm in this regard is contagious.”

Senior Partner at one of the Largest and Most Respected IP Law Firms in the U.S.