Case Study: Security Hardware Company Patent

The new CEO of an established security hardware company engaged The Hutter Group to help generate IP protection that did more than just protect a new product.

This savvy leader realized that the future revenues demanded by investors were at risk if he did not obtain robust intellectual property protection on the company’s break-through innovation.

Instead of the typical process where the technical team inventors are the primary point of contact for patent drafting, we first worked closely with this CEO and the company’s VP of Marketing to define the value proposition provided to the consumer by the new product. We then drafted a patent application that incorporated not only the specific product features (the “invention”), but, rather, the functionality that made it the product desirable to the consumer (the “innovation”).

The resulting patent application covered not only the company’s specific security hardware product but also any competitive product that incorporates the same functional benefit to consumers.

The CEO has engaged us for further projects to ensure the creation and execution of an IP Strategy closely aligned with the company’s 5-year innovation roadmap.