Patent Monetization

Let’s get your patents making money for you. We will seriously evaluate whether your patents are monetizable and work with you to find your patent sweet spot. And we’ll be honest with you if we can’t find anything patentable.

We assist clients in the evaluation of existing patent portfolios for alignment with business strategies.

Many companies maintain patent portfolios generated to protect products or technology that are no longer core to the business. Maintaining these patent assets is not only a useless drain on budgets, but they also take attention away from patent efforts that are aligned with current business strategies. Moreover, while your legacy portfolios may hold little value today, they may be virtual “gold” to someone else, making your under-utilized patent assets candidates for monetization.

Of course, before you can identify patent assets for divestiture, you must perform an inventory. The Hutter Group can assist you in auditing your patent portfolio.

As a result of this objective audit, most clients discover that they are maintaining patent assets that they no longer need and typically realize significant savings that exceed the cost of our fees. For promising patent monetization candidates, we can introduce you to our extensive network of patent brokers.

Let’s get monetezing. Contact us now.