Assistant General Counsel and Chief IP Counsel for Lottery Gaming Company

“I have been following Jackie through her blog for a while now. Since we are both located in the Atlanta area, I reached out to her to personally commend her for her efforts and let her know that she was not alone in her views on intellectual property. I wanted her to know that I and others found her blog posts extremely valuable. Since meeting Jackie I can say that she has demonstrated a high degree of expertise in the burgeoning field of patent strategy. Her posts are clear, provoke a great deal of thought, and often are immediately actionable. From what I have learned of Jackie, she is willingly to share her knowledge and respond to questions thoroughly. Her style is open and invites both questions and ample dialog. Jackie is extremely enthusiastic about her work and teaching othe worth leveraging. Jackie’s ability to transform complex patent data into business-relevant and actionable insights is unparalleled.”