Creating Business Value with Customer-Directed Patent Strategy

When you think about patents, you probably first consider who should be hired to protect ideas from competitors. When I think about patents, I think about what should be protected, and how it can be done efficiently and effectively. Unless you have this nailed down first, it doesn’t matter who you hire to help you, the end product will likely fall short of your goals.

Creating Business Value with Customer-Directed Patent Strategy

In this regard, I’m more concerned about the client’s innovation story and how patentable concepts will benefit her customers. In short, I believe it is the customers we should focus on protecting, not just the product we are selling to them. While a bit more effort may be needed on the front end with this approach, my experience shows that taking a collaborative (and creative) approach to patenting allows my clients to generate strong protection more quickly, and at lower overall cost.

If you’re interested in learning about an efficient and time saving patent acquisition process directed toward maximizing the value of your IP, read more about how a broad patent protection can be obtained in a year or less, including minimal amendments and arguments.

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