Editorial Note: Where Has This Blog Been Lately?

Subscribers to this blog may have been wondering why posts have been few and far between lately.  There’s a good reason for this:  I am now CEO of a startup company.  You can learn more about my company, Evgentech, here.  In short, our technology will allow you to charge your batteries 10x’s faster than you can now–and perhaps even faster as we further develop our innovation platform.  Things are moving fast and furious, which has made it difficult for me to spend the time to write blog posts on a regular basis.   There is good news, however:  I am experiencing first hand what it is like dealing with Open Innovation and licensing.  In this regard, I look forward to continuing to post from time to time on the experiences that our company is going through, as I think it is important to elevate the conversation regarding Open Innovation from the vantage point of a small company’s journey in dealing with large corporations.

On a separate topic–for those who doubt the power of blogs and social media to create transformations–like mine from a patent attorney to a CEO–should note that the founders of Evgentech found me online when they were looking for information about maximizing IP value.  I never would have met them if I had not started ruminating publicly about IP strategy 3 + years ago, and I have social media to thank for making me the “Unlawyr”.  (Yes that is my license plate in the picture above.)

Thanks for your continued support of this blog, and wish me luck as I start on this new venture!

2 thoughts on “Editorial Note: Where Has This Blog Been Lately?

  1. Jackie —

    Congrats on your start-up. I’ve found that one of the biggest advantages of having worked in a big firm is knowing how to spot the BS they try to get away with …

    Whenever I review law firm invoices, I always feel bad for the firm’s other clients that don’t even know they’re being abused!

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