IP Business Congress: Blog Summaries for Those Who Couldn’t Attend

IP Business Congress
IP Business Congress
The IP Business Congress (“IPBC”) was held on June 21-23 in Chicago. This meeting, established by IAM Magazine, brought IP business experts, both lawyers and non-lawyers, from around the world to discuss issues relevant to IP. If, like me, you were unable to attend, you will appreciate the blog authors who have thoughtfully posted their summaries and thoughts about the Congress. (If anyone comes across any more, please let me know and I will add them.)

Joff Wild: IAM Magazine Blog

Michael Martin: Broken Symetry Blog

Duncan Bucknell: IP ThinkTank Blog

Peter Zura: 271 Blog (Great overview of the NPE break-out session)

IP.com: Securing Innovation (Interviews with IP Hall of Fame Inductees)

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