IP Strategist on the Radio: 2 Recent Interviews

IP Strategist on the radio!

As my consulting practice becomes ever more busy, blogging must be relegated to times when client work is not pressing–that ever-elusive free time.  But now that Summer is here, free time has been hard to come by–it’s hard to write when at the pool with the kids or driving to Grandma’s house–but I haven’t been totally giving up my outreach.  I recently participated in 2 radio interviews where I discussed the value of IP Strategy for entrepreneurs and inventors.

Here I was on the 40 Year Old Business Virgin Radio Show with Dave Savage, Leader and President of The Inventors Association of Georgia and a person named Mohamed who has a really cool entrepreneurial story (sorry I didn’t get his last name).  The hosts of the show, Kile Lewis and Ted Jenkin, are irreverent business advisors, and you should enjoy the show.  (I appear in the first half).   They also made a short follow-up You Tube video (I had no idea I would appear on video and dressed totally inappropriately, but–oh well).

I also appeared with Dave Savage on the Community Perspectives Radio Show (link here:  IAG Interview–opens to YouSendIt.com then your media player), along with Narayanan Subramanian.  In this show, we talked about the Inventor’s Association of Georgia and its value to entrepreneurs and inventors.  Dave had some very smart things to say about the difference between the two, and this is worth a listen, if just for that piece.

I hope you enjoy these interviews.  Lots of substantive blog posts are running around in my head, and I look forward to sitting down before the computer soon–maybe from the beach in Florida!

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