Jackie Hutter Speaking at the Minneapolis May LES Meeting

I love meeting my online friends and collaborators IRL (“in real life”).  If any of you are located in the Minneapolis area, please consider attending May 11, 2010 LES meeting where I will speak on collection and analysis of patent data.   I am being sponsored by this event by my client Clyde Hanson of Venture Isles.

Here is the information as circulated by Mr. Hanson:

You are welcomed to attend the luncheon even if you are not a member.  Ms. Hutter is an advisor to Venture Isles and we have worked together on many projects.  She is a self-described “recovering patent attorney”, a prolific blogger and a sharp intellect so it will be a high-energy event.  The food is by D’Amico has been consistently good.  Save room for dessert.  Please register at: LES USA/CANADA

How to Properly Collect, Analyze and Leverage Patent Information to Enhance Your Licensing Programs

Speaker: Jackie Hutter, MS, JD    The Hutter Group:  IP Business Strategy

Patent data can provide much value to licensing programs by allowing one to identify potential licensees, partners or infringers.  However, one must know how to collect and analyze such data in a way that provides relevant and actionable insights.  An experienced law firm and corporate lawyer, who is an IP Strategist, will provide instruction and watchouts for those who are currently or who are looking to utilize patent analytics and landscaping products in their organization’s licensing programs.

COST $35

DATE May 11, 2010, Tuesday  11:30 am -1:00 pm

University of Minnesota-Minneapolis Campus

McNamara Alumni Center
200 Oak Street SE
Ski-U-Mah Room
Minneapolis, MN  55455

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